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With our video advertising solutions, we offer you all of the cutting-edge digital marketing capabilities of a new generation. Use our advanced video ads solutions and generate smart technology to your compelling content.

Innovative Video Ads

Our optimization system for video advertising offers you the new generation of the digital marketing world. Our video specialists will provide you with a customized campaign, using our own smart and advanced systems that generate optimal revenues in real­time. Here you will find a perfect way to engage with your audience, enhance their overall experience and maximize the potential results of your campaign.

Our advertising solutions are based on a CPM model, supporting a variety of video formats:


Plays in a 300x250 ad dimention, followed by a static version of the video.

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Immersive, full-screen experience. Auto-hides once the video has been seen in full.

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Placed at the very top of the page, videos demands the visitors’ undevided attention.

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Videos come to life as visitors scroll, when in view, at the heart of editorial content.

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What’s In It For You?

Generate More Revenue

State of the art video formats combined with a holistic approach to ad-serving result in the highest CPMs. Our solutions maximize revenue using untapped resources.

Engage Your Audience

Compelling video content resonates with your viewers on an emotional level and enhances their overall experiene.

Customized Campaign

Our team creates a personalized experience with your needs in mind. We tailor and automate your video advertising campaign to produce optimal results.

Transparent Reporting

Track your results with our easy to navigate user dashboard, your dedicated account representative is available should you have any questions.

Quick to Market

Implementation is fast and simple, our team provides impeccable support allowing you to see immediate results.

No Cost to You

Tap into new revenue streams risk free! There is no fee to join and we do not require exclusivity to enter a partnership.

Strong Team. At Your Service.

Our talented, dynamic team uses advanced insights and innovative formats to turn your content into cash. We understand the evolving nature of the digital world and create powerful solutions for publishers and advertisers.

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