Monetize Every Inch

Our exclusive technological solutions for publishers and digital media channels, provide you with an ideal tool to increase profits, and obtain greater value from your advertising space. With 2 billion ad impressions every day, we are able to guarantee you a 100% fill rate across all geographic regions.

From our powerful, self­service platform to our full service of media buying ­ select the option that is best for you - and start to monetize.

The Full Service

Deliver the Highest Results

Experience The Full Service for publishers and profit from the many benefits we offer. Our dedicated team for The Full Service is available to help monetize your online assets, so that you can generate increased revenues from your advertising space. Using our smart technology, we gain a sophisticated understanding of the interests of your target audience and customize the ads for your site.

The Full Service provides support for a wide variety of ad formats that include:

Display & Reach Media

Various banner sizes and formats. Our algorithm will find the best performing offers to optimize your earnings.

Text Ads

Regular and contextual text ads.

Domain Traffic / Zero Click

A user mistypes a particular domain name in their browser and then gets automatically redirected to your offer’s landing page.

Apps & Widgets

Special ad formats for Apps & Widgets that will help you promote your brand.


You can add extra-optimization to your campaign by using XML ads.

Video Ads

A variety of video advertising formats from banners up to full screen is based on a CPM model.

Custom Formats

In addition to all standard formats, we also create customized formats based on your specific needs and requests. An account executive is available at any time to provide assistance and respond to any questions you might have.

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Give your users a more powerful online experience

Video is the perfect way to engage your audience and enhance the overall experience, while maximizing your potential revenues. With our video advertising solutions, we offer you all of the cutting-edge digital marketing capabilities of a new generation. Our team offers a personalized approach that keeps your needs in mind. We tailor and automate each video advertising campaign to produce optimal results.

Our video advertisements are based on a CPM model, supporting a variety of video formats.


VidBanner plays in a standard, 300x250 banner ad dimension, followed by a static version of the video when the video ends.

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VidBox grabs your visitor’s attention using an immersive, full-screen experience. Once the video is watched in full, the player disappears.

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VidHead sits at the very top of your website pages. Once the video is watched in full, the player disappears.

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VidRead positions the video within the heart of editorial content. The video appears only when in view on the screen.

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Implementation is Fast & Simple

Track your progress with our easy-to-navigate user dashboard. If you have any questions, your dedicated account representative is available to provide information and direct assistance, allowing you to see immediate results.

No Cost to You

Tap into new revenue streams—risk free! There is no fee to join. To enter a partnership, we do not require exclusivity.

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At Intango, We are always looking for publishers with high quality traffic.

We offer a Real Time Bidding XML demand feed, with thousands of direct advertisers bidding to buy your traffic—with great payout terms, low discrepancies and high quality ads. Intango’s XML feed is one of the best ways of partnering with us. Through our XML channel , you can view Intango’s coverage and bid levels, all in real time.

As a publisher, this gives you the ability to decide where to send a particular visitor based on high relevance. Publishers have the unique ability to control the ads shown to their users and to choose from a wide variety of offers and campaigns.

If you need assistance in feed integration, our dedicated team is available at any time to provide support and respond to any questions you might have.

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