Technology & Algorithmics

We are a performance-based technology company that offers an industry-leading
optimization platform for online advertising campaigns.

With billions of ad impressions and auctions served on a daily basis, our platforms and
algorithms leverage the latest real-time bidding practices and employ Big Data analytics
based on mathematical formulas using scalable, cloud-based servers.

Our secure and efficient server architecture has been designed and developed for maximum

We use technology stack we built and own, based on homegrown code and intellectual
property that leverages mostly open-source libraries.

Our platform offers you the best in functionality and flexibility, with
a wide range of benefits:

Cloud-based Architecture

Our Linux-based architecture is built on a scalable, cloud-based cluster that leverages concurrent technologies: distributed cache, Apache HBase over a Hadoop framework, high-level load balancing in IP, and disk serialization techniques. Our approach is zero downtime and continuous integration methodology and architecture.

Elastic Search

We wrapped the Apache Lucene with our own code, to allow real, distributed, scalable, keywords to perform indexing and elastic searching.

Data Integrity

We implemented robust redundancy, failover and fail-safe measures, including replication on all levels, multi-dimensional monitoring, and a homegrown anomaly detection technique that integrates Zabbix™ and Pingdom™ alerts and SumoLogic™ log tracking.


Intango’s dedicated NOC and on-call team includes our best engineers who support the system, respond to alerts and handle challenges to its stability or integrity.

Big Data

Customers track their KPIs and trends based on Big Data based on our well-designed flow of data collection: starting from runtime production services that go through sequentially written files, which are then “pushed” into Hadoop and Hive. Hive-based datasets are aggregated into compressed, partitioned tables and exposed to our lightning-fast, MapReduce-based technology.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

When our partners asked for the ability to bid on an impression in real-time, we developed the capability of running an auction over our traffic. Over time, we expanded our capacities and variety of traffic types and built the technology and systems to accommodate it. Our solution serves both the SSP and DSP sides of an auction.

Fraud Detection

We continue to develop new methods for detecting incoming traffic fraud, or malicious campaigns and landing pages uploaded to our platform. Intango uses externally, daily imported data suppliers’ databases, pattern detection, external service providers (like RiskIQ™), self-developed software scanners, manual analysis and sampling, and an algorithm that grades each traffic source and directs (or bans) traffic accordingly.


Intango’s applications, both outfacing and inbound, are developed as multi-tier, secured web applications. Our code combines Java 8 services, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js, and jQuery as well as JSF and RichFaces technologies.

Financial Capabilities

Intango’s platform handles financial self-service operations such as PayPal™ integration and manages campaign budgets and balances. We use SSL, TLS and password restrictions, and keep records of financial transactions in our system. We manage blacklists and count “credential points” for early detection of fraudulent activities.

Smart Algorithms

Our data science team and algorithm software engineers continuously innovate to ensure we match the best advertisement to each user impression event and provide an accurate prediction for each situation, thanks to smart computed averages and dynamic, weight-based likelihood formulas.

Multiple API Capabilities

Our API capabilities are all secured with the user’s API key and available in various formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, and OpenRTB 2.3 via REST. We expose publishers’ reports, ad-serving API, RTB API, and PPC/XML API.

Full Range of Components

Our architecture includes native ads, textual ads, banners (multiple sizes), video (multiple sizes), footers and top-banners, pop (up/under/tab) scripts, interstitials, contextual units, mobile dialogs, plash (“Shadow Box”), mobile notifiers and sliders.


And that’s not all! We continuously improve our products and innovate, with a cutting-edge R&D department that includes an Algorithm & Data Science team, a Full Stack development team and a Continuous Integration unit and System Testing team.

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