Our Story

Born to  make a Breakthrough !

Meet Intango, an advertising network and technology, and one of the world’s leaders in the digital media tech industry.

Our story begins with an idea that came into our heads in 2007. It starts when we were a small, ambitious group of hi-tech colleagues, digital marketers and finance professionals who shared a common vision, enthusiastic to find the next “big thing” for Internet marketers.

In a short time, we banded together, starting our journey into a never-ending process of research and development.

After many sleepless nights and hundreds of hours of trial & error, in 2008 we finally came up with smart algorithms for the analysis of Internet advertisements – and proudly celebrated the launch of our first product.

Since that day, we consistently work our way toward success – step by step, wisely but daringly! Today, just a few years later, Intango – still a privately owned company – is one of the dominant companies among advertising technologies & networks worldwide.

Build Spheres of Influence!

We develop solutions and products, aiming to make your online advertising experience simple, efficient and reliable.

We offer you an extensive basket of unique technological ad optimization and monetization solutions for web and mobile, and we own and operate a variety of digital assets including websites and mobile apps.

We deliver real market value using a bidding model that is both flexible and transparent—with benefits for both publishers and advertisers.

As a technology company, we are able to instantly provide you with the best advertising solutions, customized according to your needs, in response to the dynamic changes in the market.

User First—and We All Win

Our successes are all about engagement – that’s what we believe in, here at Intango.

We believe that the essence of effective digital marketing involves the ability to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time. For that reason, we first think about your end user when we start developing solutions for you.

We designed our platform to be a meeting point where publishers, advertisers, agencies and partners can dynamically coordinate and create a more powerful end-user experience and have an impact on behavior – all the way to conversion. This is our way of making digital marketing an arena in which we all win!

Global Reach. Quality Traffic. Optimal Results.

We serve over 20,000 direct publishers and work with multiple verticals including Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Lead Gen, Coupons, Travel, Entertainment, Insurance, Casual Gaming and Software.

We have 2 billion ad impressions and tens of millions of active users worldwide, guaranteeing you quality traffic and a global reach to your intended target audiences.

Our performance-based technology automatically scans hundreds of thousands of ads, analyzes their performance, and selects the optimal ads to maximize your potential results.

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