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We help brands reach and exceed their goals through our ground-breaking technology and our near decade experience in influencer marketing. Our holistic approach ensures that our clients understand and are covered every step of the process from selecting influencers to campaign execution.

Influencer Marketing works today
because people trust other people

Your potential clients watch less TV, ignore banners and skip traditional commercials. They are not into being exposed to aggressive advertisements every few minutes either.

What do they like? Constantly scrolling through their social media feeds looking for the next big thing. But the biggest buzz is taking place inside the pages of the superstars that grew there: influencers.

Their pages are home to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of loyal, avid followers waiting impatiently for their next post and following their every move.

They know how to talk to their audience in the most organic, authentic way, and sometimes, in one viral post, they achieve far more influence than some of the most extravagant, multi-million-dollar campaigns.

The challenge is how to utilize this power in the most effective way possible.

We are Leaders and our campaigns produce twice the results.

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Some of Our Projects

Moschino fresh
Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Fiat 500
Jean Paul Gaultier

Our Technology

There’s no escaping the fact that technology has the potential to impact campaigns in all the right ways.
With this in mind, we have engineered a unique, proprietary influencer marketing system that guarantees maximum results.

How? Through three key parameters:


The Discovery platform is constantly scanning social media channels compiling relevant data for the most suitable match for your campaign


Our management tool allows you to review, approve and track posts from influencers guaranteeing brand safety and transparency


Naomi—is the most powerful tool available for converting social media engagement into revenue and doubling your engagement.

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