AdTech Accelerator

Intango AdTech Accelerator

The Intano AdTech Accelerator is a six-month program that provides an all-in-one solution for
early-stage startups, offering technical and business mentorship, access to real customers and
partners, an opportunity to pilot within Intango’s network and a chance to license the startup’s
product to our partners. We also offer a working space side by side with us in our offices, a media
budget of $20,000, legal and bookkeeping support and an optional follow-on investment for selected

In essence, the Intango AdTech Accelerator harnesses our technological experience and business
connections to promote and empower early-stage startups in the AdTech industry.


We pride ourselves on being an innovative company that holds extensive knowledge, connections, and expertise
in the AdTech industry and beyond.

Being founders ourselves, we know how difficult it is to start a company. From the moment you think of a
great idea, through the building process – finding professional mentors, getting your first customers and
partners, performing endless A-B testing, all while facing major and minor technical challenges, to get to a
product-market fit. We also know how taxing it is to find affordable office space, buy furniture, hire your
first legal counsel and bookkeeper, and manage things that you don’t really want to handle, such as setting
up the wifi or buying coffee at the grocery store.

For that purpose, we launched the Intango Accelerator. We understand what it takes to thrive and prosper as
a business. We want to invest our efforts in other startups that wish to do the same and grow together with
us as a strategic partner.

The program:

Each startup will go through a qualification process that includes a business and technological review for
up to one month. Once accepted, the startup will participate in the accelerator for six months. Startups
will join the accelerator on an ongoing basis, and at the end of the acceleration period, the startup is
expected to have a working product an initial revenues. Intango can choose to make a follow-on investment on
selected startups.

Who is it for?

Our interest mostly lies in early-stage teams and startups, preferably with no prior external funding. In
principle, we’re looking for fully dedicated founding teams of 2-3 founders that include a technical
co-founder. Nevertheless, if you’re a great founding team with a unique domain expertise and an exciting
idea, you should definitely apply. A team with a working prototype is a huge advantage.
We expect our startups to work from Intango’s offices in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv.

Areas of interest

The startups we are looking for work on a product in one of the following fields of interest:

Ongoing Industry Challenges

  • – Publishers
  • – Media Buying
  • – Publisher Qualification
  • – Automatic Monetization Value Estimation
  • – Marketing:
  • – Content Creation
  • – Marketing Tools
  • – Automation for Maintaining all Social Pages
  • – BI and Competitor Analysis
  • – Big Data Analysis
  • – Automatic Creative Creation and Management
  • – Mobile and Carrier Compliance
  • – Video

Marketing and Advertising Solutions

  • – Monetization Solutions
  • – Campaign Effectiveness Measurement
  • – Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • – Social
  • – Mobile
  • – New media

Big Data

  • – Consumer Behavior
  • – User Profiling and Monetization
  • – Data Analytics
  • – Machine Learning

Market Research

Would also look at

  • – IIOT
  • – AR/VR
  • – Blockchain
  • – Crypto

Any other product that Intango can benefit from

What We Provide

We offer exposure to high volume traffic and real advertisers, an opportunity to pilot within Intango’s
network and a chance to license the startup’s product to our partners. In addition, we provide technical and
business mentorship, legal advice and bookkeeping support. Furthermore, we will grant each startup a media
budget of $20,000 to promote its product. The selected startups will be sharing a working space side by side
next to us in our beautiful offices in Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv.

Intango will also offer a follow-on investment for selected startups.

We Ask

We ask for your full commitment, a small share in the company now and an option to make a follow-on
investment at the end of the acceleration period.

Qualification Criteria and Process

We qualify the startups based on the following criteria:
– The quality of the team
– The value that the startup’s solution will provide to Intango
– The value that Intango will be able to add to the startup
– The potential for disruption from the startup’s idea and the level of innovation
– Any traction of the startup’s product displayed to date
The qualification process has a few steps in it however we do our very best to complete it within not more
than tree weeks:
– Initial review
– Introductory meeting
– Business review and evaluation
– Technical review
– Decision committee
– Engagement Agreemen


Eran Savir, Head of Intango AdTech Accelerator.

Eran founded three companies and sold two. He has extensive hands-on experience as a Founder, CEO, VP Product Management, VP Business Development and VP Marketing. Eran has a proven track record in successfully defining and launching innovative and disruptive products and large-scale cloud SaaS solutions. He also has a technological background as a developer and has two registered patents under his belt.

Contact us

If you’re building an awesome product that falls into one of the categories that interest us and if you think that we can bring value to your venture, please get in touch with us for an introductory meeting. You can also email us directly at acc [at] intango dot com.

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