Software Engineer (Java) – R&D Team

We are looking for an experienced **Software Engineer** to join our super talented & fun team, in an amazing work environment.

We develop and extend our home grown systems to serve billions of service requests, auctions and big-data events daily.
Our run-time system is Java based, deployed on the cloud in a scale-up configuration which we develop and maintain.
We use and extend technologies such as Hazelcast, HBase, Hadoop, Hive, Presto.
All our systems are Linux based
Our back office and web applications are a combination of AngularJS, NodeJS and JSF, Hibernate.
We work in SCRUM teams and Agile methodologies.
Our R&D team includes a data-science and Algorithm group, and full stack teams.

What we are looking for:

* A person who can take responsibility, knows how to run ahead and work independently, and in the same time be a team player & able to learn and give knowledge.
* Highly technological & eager for new technologies.
* Can handle complex architectures and efficiency coding both server side and client side.
* Multi-disciplinary – proven work experience in an environment with more than one development language.
* Minimum 5 years of development experience, at least one year in Java
* SQL hands on experience and DAO, Object Mapping understanding
* Works well in an environment that is not single threaded.
* Full Stack abilities & good approach to user interface – able to work on projects where there is flexibility in the GUI HTML/CSS/JS design and the development owner is expected bring to the best result.
* Big Data experience – an advantage