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Who Are Intango's People?

36% Singles
57% Married
47% Parents
48% Pet Owners
38% Cappuccino Drinkers
13% Play a Musical

Open Positions

You are invited to send us your resume and apply for a position.
  • Full Stack Developer – Labs Team
  • We are looking for a talented Full Stack Developer to join our super talented & fun Labs team!
    Our Labs are our “innovation sandbox”. The Labs team leads innovative projects, research for new business opportunities & develops a variety of products & internet assets (websites, mobile apps etc.) in many verticals.

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Entrepreneurial spirit, creative & innovative thinking
    * Passion for new products & technologies
    * Highly independent, fast learner and self-motivated
    * Multi tasker, ability to work in a high paced environment & meet deadlines
    * Excellent interpersonal & communication skills
    * Team player & fun to work with!

    Must have:
    * At least 3 years’ experience in full stack WEB development
    * Proven work experience with: PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, responsive HTML5
    * Ability to work in a multi-technologies environment & learn new technologies
    * Strong MySQL knowledge – Replication & monitoring.

    * Work experience in an online company – a major advantage!
    * Work experience with Apache & Nginx servers
    * Work experience with Linux systems
    * Work experience with Laravel & AngularJS
    * Familiarity with the online advertising world

  • Media Buyer
  • We are looking for an experienced Media Buyer to join our super talented & fun team!

    Main responsibilities:
    * Build a strong portfolio of direct publishers according to strategic business goals.
    * Target & contact potential publishers, manage the whole sales, negotiation & deal closing process.
    * Manage the on boarding process of new clients & the hand off to Account Managers
    * Achieve and exceed monthly/quarterly performance goals
    * Troubleshoot & assist in operational & technical issues.
    * Follow up on industry trends and developments & identify new business opportunities.

    “Must have” requirements:
    * 1-2 years’ of work experience as a Media Buyer in the online advertising industry.
    * Fluent English (oral & written). Work proficiency in additional languages – Advantage.

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Excellent sales skills, striving for success, “go getter” personality
    * Excellent people, communication & negotiation skills
    * Results oriented, ability to constantly meet & beat goals
    * Strong technical, analytical & BI skills
    * Highly independent, fast learner, efficient and organized

  • Business Analyst
  • We’re looking for a Business Analyst to join our super talented & fun team

    Main responsibilities:
    * Create and maintain daily & ongoing reports.
    * Leading the process of establishing & implementing new products in our in-house system.
    * Analyzing & monitoring products’ profitability.
    * Analyzing prices and recommending on required updates.
    * Developing models to predict expected income.
    * Operating & maintaining an in-house campaign management system.
    * Analyzing trends and formatting business conclusions and recommendations.

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Data driven with excellent analytical & quantitative skills.
    * Details oriented, meticulous and pedant
    * Excellent multi-tasking skills, agile & efficient
    * Team player with excellent inter-personal skills, ability to work closely with multiple interfaces.
    * Independent, self-motivated and fast learner.

    “Must Have” Requirements:
    * University degree in one of the following fields: Economics, Statistics, Math, Business Management or Industry & Management.
    * None or up to 1 year experience in an analytical position.
    * Excellent Excel proficiency including advanced functions.
    * Fluent English (oral & written)
    * SQL/VBA knowledge – advantage.

    ** Please include your GPA & Psychometric score

  • Senior Big Data Engineer
  • We’re looking for a **Big Data Architect/Evangelist/Code Guru** to join our CTO team

    The CTO team is developing a Data solution that will provide services to Intago’s current and future products.
    We are collecting enormous amount of data and design the Big Data Workflow: pipeline, storage and analytics, in order to make smart decisions offline and on-the-fly.
    We love technologies and data and looking for somebody that shares our passion to build solutions that carries tons of data.
    We are pragmatic and love not just to research, but also to execute and bring our ideas to life.
    We are working as a team of specialists, each one of us is leading an independent work stream but is also a team member and share knowledge.
    Today we are working with Java on dedicated servers, but exploring other options too.

    Main responsibilities
    * Design, develop, maintain, test and evaluate Big Data Solutions / Architecture on dedicated/internal or cloud services
    * Work closely with Data Analysts & BI to support new models and strategies.

    What we’re looking for
    * 8+ years’ hands-on development experience, mainly in Java/Scala/Python
    * Hands on experience working with Big Data technologies – Hadoop/Presto/Spark/Kafka/HBase – Major advantage
    * Experience with cloud services – Advantage
    * Experience developing production software on Unix-based systems – Advantage
    * Proven experience with databases (relational and NoSQL) and vast knowledge in SQL
    * Highly independent with excellent self-learning abilities
    * Great team spirit
    * BSc/MSc in Computer Science or equivalent degree

  • Finance Operations Analyst – Student position
  • We’re looking for an Outstanding Student to join our team as a Finance Operations Analyst

    Main responsibilities:
    * Managing the invoicing and collection processes
    * Running the payments cycles
    * Support budgeting and control processes
    * Create and maintain ongoing reports

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Details oriented, meticulous and pedant
    * Data driven with excellent analytical & quantitative skills
    * Excellent multi-tasking skills, agile & efficient
    * Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work with multiple interfaces
    * Independent, self-motivated and fast learner

    * Outstanding student in a leading university, studying towards BA in Economics, Business Administration or Management.
    * Starting the last academic year on October 2017 (graduation on July 2018)
    * Availability to work 3.5-4 days a week (between Sunday-Thursday)
    * Excellent Excel proficiency including advanced functions
    * Fluent in English (oral & written)
    ** Please attach your current grade sheet & Psychometric score

Keep Learning and Gain Expertise

At Intango, we don’t just offer you a place to work, but a whole career path that broadens your professional horizons and gives you lots of opportunities for development. As part of our worldview, we invest our resources in your professional development, your training, and in helping you gain different kinds of expertise.

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Intango's Party Times

At Intango, we love to break out of routine, to clear our heads, to give a fresh feel to the day, to shake our bodies and most of all, to surprise and be surprised.

Happy hour
Sweet surprises
Fun days
A drink to celebrate happy occasions

Working the Intango Way

Rigid Organizational Hierarchy – Out. Synergy Power – In.

We believe that collaborative work as a unified, synergetic team is the name of the game. Our management philosophy is "flat" and "lean," and everyone has a say and an impact.

Revolution – Out. Evolution – In.

We believe that real successes that last over time don’t happen overnight. We continue to grow—consistently, step by step, patiently. Daringly — but wisely. We do it by performing ongoing market research of global markets in our industry, and identifying dynamically changing needs ahead of time.

Hesitation – Out. Daring – In.

We compete against the biggest players on the market, and give ourselves the freedom to dare. That's why our team dares to think differently, dares to try, dares to make mistakes —and dares to make improvements and breakthroughs.

Stiff Rules – Out. Use Your Head – In.

The essence of our company lies in the creativity of our team. In order to encourage free thinking and daring, we have almost no rules. Our No. 1 principle is to use your head, to cause others to be inspired, and to get inspired yourself.

Comfort Zone – Out. Challenges – In.

We do not hesitate to challenge our own axioms, have them repeatedly tested and adjust them to the changing world. We are not afraid to make mistakes. We respect trial and error processes due to our belief that if we do not make mistakes, we will not make progress.

Formal Meeting Rooms – Out. Comfortable Sitting Areas – In.

The comfortable armchairs that are all over the office and the warm, cozy sitting areas where we conduct work meetings invite you to stay calm and get inspired!

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