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Who Are Intango's People?

36% Singles
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47% Parents
48% Pet Owners
38% Cappuccino Drinkers
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Open Positions

You are invited to send us your resume and apply for a position.
  • Full Stack Developer – Labs Team
  • We are looking for a talented Full Stack Developer to join our super talented & fun Labs team!
    Our Labs are our “innovation sandbox”. The Labs team leads innovative projects, research for new business opportunities & develops a variety of products & internet assets (websites, mobile apps etc.) in many verticals.

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Entrepreneurial spirit, creative & innovative thinking
    * Passion for new products & technologies
    * Highly independent, fast learner and self-motivated
    * Multi tasker, ability to work in a high paced environment & meet deadlines
    * Excellent interpersonal & communication skills
    * Team player & fun to work with!

    Must have:
    * At least 4 years’ experience in full stack WEB development
    * Proven ability to independently lead a product development project A-Z
    * Proven work experience with: Java Script, JQuery, HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, responsive HTML5
    * Ability to work in a multi-technologies environment & learn new technologies
    * Strong MySQL knowledge – Replication & monitoring.

    * Work experience with Apache & Nginx servers
    * Work experience with Linux systems
    * Work experience in an online company – a major advantage!
    * Familiarity with the online advertisement world

  • XML Account Manager
  • We are looking for XML Account Manager to join our super talented & fun XML team!
    The XML team is developing & operating a real time bidding platform, which enables buying & selling highly targeted traffic in very large scales.
    Our XML business & team keep expanding rapidly & it’s an opportunity to join top professionals in the most developing business of online advertising.

    Main responsibilities:
    * Manage the ongoing relationship with external partners
    * Manage & optimize large scale campaigns & budgets
    * Analyze large scale data in order to maximize revenue & business opportunities.
    * Troubleshoot & assist operational & technical issues
    * Follow up on industry trends and developments

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Excellent inter-personal & communication skills
    * Data driven with excellent analytical & quantitative skills.
    * Details oriented, meticulous and organized.
    * Good technological & technical orientation
    * Independent, self-motivated and fast learner

    “Must Have” Requirements:
    * BA Degree in the fields of Industry & Management/ Information Systems/ Economics/ Statistics/ Business Management.
    * Excellent Excel proficiency.
    * Fluent English – Oral & written.
    * Work experience as a Campaign/Account Manager in the online industry
    * Fluency in additional languages.

  • Trafficker
  • We are looking for a Trafficker to join our super talented & fun team!

    Main responsibilities:
    * Implementing & monitoring online campaigns
    * Troubleshoot operational & technical issues
    * Create statistical & daily reports
    * Track the implementation of various vendors across campaigns
    * Assist in team projects

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Highly independent and self-motivator
    * Details oriented and capable of following structured procedures
    * Fast learner, efficient and organized
    * Excellent technical and analytical skills
    * Team player with excellent inter-personal & communication skills.
    * Performs under pressure and meticulously meets and beats goals

    * BA / BSc in the fields of Industry & management, Economics, Statistics, Business management
    * Familiarity of the Internet world (Internet advertising- advantage)
    * Excellent Excel proficiency & computer skills
    * Fluent in English (oral & written). Additional languages – advantage.

  • Software Engineer (Java) – R&D Team
  • We are looking for an experienced **Software Engineer** to join our super talented & fun team, in an amazing work environment.

    We develop and extend our home grown systems to serve billions of service requests, auctions and big-data events daily.
    Our run-time system is Java based, deployed on the cloud in a scale-up configuration which we develop and maintain.
    We use and extend technologies such as Hazelcast, HBase, Hadoop, Hive, Presto.
    All our systems are Linux based
    Our back office and web applications are a combination of AngularJS, NodeJS and JSF, Hibernate.
    We work in SCRUM teams and Agile methodologies.
    Our R&D team includes a data-science and Algorithm group, and full stack teams.

    What we are looking for:

    * A person who can take responsibility, knows how to run ahead and work independently, and in the same time be a team player & able to learn and give knowledge.
    * Highly technological & eager for new technologies.
    * Can handle complex architectures and efficiency coding both server side and client side.
    * Multi-disciplinary – proven work experience in an environment with more than one development language.
    * Minimum 5 years of development experience, at least one year in Java
    * SQL hands on experience and DAO, Object Mapping understanding
    * Works well in an environment that is not single threaded.
    * Full Stack abilities & good approach to user interface – able to work on projects where there is flexibility in the GUI HTML/CSS/JS design and the development owner is expected bring to the best result.
    * Big Data experience – an advantage

  • Publishers Support Account Manager
  • is Intango’s unique self-service platform, enables publishers to monetize their site traffic.

    We’re looking for a Support Account Manager to join our super talented & fun team

    Main responsibilities:

    * Managing & operating a customer management interface
    * Managing a support system, provide service to publishers in ongoing operational issues
    * Expand customer support platform – FAQ, service center
    * Analysis of support and tickets behavior. Find commonalities, escalate to R&D etc.
    * Research for new opportunities
    * Purchasing online media, managing online campaigns and leveraging online traffic for existing / new campaigns (work with CPM/CPC/CPA pricing)

    The person we’re looking for:

    * Customer oriented approach, strong awareness & understanding of customers’ needs & experience
    * Excellent inter-personal & communication skills
    * Highly independent and self-motivator
    * Details oriented and capable of following structured procedures
    * Fast learner, efficient and organized
    * Excellent sales skills, striving for success, “go getter” personality.


    * Proven work experience in customer service positions
    * Work experience with Support/CRM/Service desks tools
    * BA Degree
    * Excellent computer skills (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet)
    * Fluent in English (oral & written)


    * Work experience and/or familiarity with the Internet advertising world
    * Working fluency in additional languages

  • Legal Counsel
  • We’re looking for a Legal Counsel to join our super talented & fun team

    Main responsibilities:
    * Handling, drafting and negotiating commercial/IP agreements, including IO, MSA, NDA, licenses agreements
    * Provide business-oriented legal consulting on a range of operational, commercial and corporate issues
    * Provide legal advices on applicable laws, compliance issues and labor law
    * Coordinate ongoing legal issues with the company’s different departments
    * Single legal position, reporting to the CFO

    The person we’re looking for:
    * Strong business orientation, deep understanding of business needs & ability to act as a significant business partner for senior management.
    * Excellent multi-tasking skills: ability to prioritize, manage and support multiple matters simultaneously for different stakeholders & meet strict deadlines
    * “Can do” mentality, proactive, fast learner & independent.
    * Highly analytical & details oriented.
    * Excellent inter-personal skills, ability to work closely with multiple interfaces.

    * LLB degree from top schools.
    * Internship in a leading commercial law firm.
    * Around 2 years’ experience of practicing commercial/corporate law in an in-house legal department or a leading firm.
    * Knowledge & understanding of varied legal fields – corporate, labor, compliance etc.
    * Experience in High Tech / Online companies – Advantage.
    * Full work fluency in English (oral & written).

Keep Learning and Gain Expertise

At Intango, we don’t just offer you a place to work, but a whole career path that broadens your professional horizons and gives you lots of opportunities for development. As part of our worldview, we invest our resources in your professional development, your training, and in helping you gain different kinds of expertise.

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Intango's Party Times

At Intango, we love to break out of routine, to clear our heads, to give a fresh feel to the day, to shake our bodies and most of all, to surprise and be surprised.

Happy hour
Sweet surprises
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Working the Intango Way

Rigid Organizational Hierarchy – Out. Synergy Power – In.

We believe that collaborative work as a unified, synergetic team is the name of the game. Our management philosophy is "flat" and "lean," and everyone has a say and an impact.

Revolution – Out. Evolution – In.

We believe that real successes that last over time don’t happen overnight. We continue to grow—consistently, step by step, patiently. Daringly — but wisely. We do it by performing ongoing market research of global markets in our industry, and identifying dynamically changing needs ahead of time.

Hesitation – Out. Daring – In.

We compete against the biggest players on the market, and give ourselves the freedom to dare. That's why our team dares to think differently, dares to try, dares to make mistakes —and dares to make improvements and breakthroughs.

Stiff Rules – Out. Use Your Head – In.

The essence of our company lies in the creativity of our team. In order to encourage free thinking and daring, we have almost no rules. Our No. 1 principle is to use your head, to cause others to be inspired, and to get inspired yourself.

Comfort Zone – Out. Challenges – In.

We do not hesitate to challenge our own axioms, have them repeatedly tested and adjust them to the changing world. We are not afraid to make mistakes. We respect trial and error processes due to our belief that if we do not make mistakes, we will not make progress.

Formal Meeting Rooms – Out. Comfortable Sitting Areas – In.

The comfortable armchairs that are all over the office and the warm, cozy sitting areas where we conduct work meetings invite you to stay calm and get inspired!

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